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Who Am I, and What Is My Background

I love learning new things, improving my skills and getting better at what I do.

Having graduated with distinction and obtained a degree in Graphic Design, I found that my skills and ideas seemed to interest a number of business-minded contacts and prospects in the UK.

My work started in branding businesses, graphic design and marketing. I conducted a lot of research in how to attract audiences and communicate brands’ messages as effectively as possible.

My client collaborations have all been successful, and have enabled me to gain a large amount of experience and opportunities to acquire further skills and knowledge.
I recognise my strengths, but am always honest and constructive about projects outside my skills remit. If I can’t do something then I will endeavour to learn how, and/or consult geniuses I am lucky enough to have around! I love challenges, and especially the satisfaction of overcoming them.

I am a self-confessed geek! As well as my various professional endeavours, I am studying for a Masters in Creative Leadership.

I'm delighted to share the latest work on LEE BOWERS, the motorcycle stuntman website. Give it a click!